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Our Laravel courses are led by experienced instructors who can get students quickly up-to-speed on Laravel. Once the basic concepts are understood becoming proficient in Laravel is a matter of weeks.  Turbocharge your development process with the vast productivity and security gains obtained by leveraging the Laravel framework.
In this course, you will learn how to install Laravel with Composer, how to use Artisan console to create, test and deploy your application., You will learn how to work with Routes, Views, Blade templates, Controllers and Models with Eloquent, the Laravel Object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework.
Students should have a solid understanding of PHP and PHP OOP and web concepts such as request & response. An understanding of web framework concepts such as routes, MVC etc is an advantage but will be covered in the architecture overview section of the course.

Laravel PHP Framework Course Objectives

  • Architecture Overview
    • Dependency Injection
      • Container
      • Facades
      • Service Providers
    • Model View Controller
      • Model
      • Controllers
      • View
      • Route
      • Middleware


  • Set Up & Installation
    • Installation
      • Concept of Composer
      • Install & Use Composer
      • Installing Laravel using composer
    • Web Server Configuration
    • Project Structure
    • Setting up Development and Debugging Tools
    • Introduction to the Artisan Console


  • Basic Routing
    • Basic Routing
    • Route Parameters


  • Requests
    • Handling Request Info.
    • Request Inputs
    • Form Inputs
    • Old Inputs
    • Files


  • Response
    • Response with View
      • View data
    • Redirects
    • Attach Headers and Cookie to response
    • Response with JSON
    • Response with File
    • Custom Responses


  • View
    • Passing data to view
    • Sharing data to all views
    • Blade Template Engine
      • Template Inheritance
      • Displaying Data
      • Control Structures


  • Advanced Routing
    • Named Routes
    • Secure Routes
    • Parameter Constraints
    • Route Prefixing
    • Domain Routing


  • Controllers
    • Basic Controllers
    • Restful Resource Controllers
    • Controller Routing
    • Controller Middleware


  • Forms
    • CSRF Protection
    • Form Elements
      • Labels
      • Text, Text Area, Password & Hidden Fields
      • Check-boxes and Radio Buttons
      • File Input
      • Number Input
      • Date Input
      • Drop-Down Lists
      • Buttons
      • Custom Form Macros


  • Validation
    • Validation Rules with associating messages
    • Custom Rules
    • Custom messages


  • Object Relation Mapping
    • Eloquent
      • Defining Model
      • Retrieving Model
      • Insert & Update Model
      • Deleting Model
      • Eloquent Relationship
        • One to One
        • One to Many
        • Many to Many


  • Database
    • Migration
      • Schema Building
      • Migration Structure
      • Running Migration
      • Writing Migration
    • Seeding
    • Database Configuration
    • Running Raw SQL queries


  • Services - Authentication, logging
    • Authentication our application
      • Authorization using Policies ~ Role-based panel access
      • Configuring Auth Library
      • Creating an authentication system using Middleware
    • Exception Handling and Error Logging
    • Mail
      • Configuring & sending mail
    • Pagination
    • Session

All our training courses are offered inhouse or online, full-time or part-time. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will tailor our training for you.

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