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PHP Fundamentals Training

Our PHP fundamentals course will teach you the core concepts & skills needed to be a programmer and how these concpets are implemented in PHP. This course provides a solid foundation in PHP and programming.

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PHP Intermediate Training

Our PHP intermediate course builds on the knowledge from our PHP fundamentals course to cover Object Orientation, database access, restful apis and dependency management with composer. It can be taken by anyone who is familiar with the basic concepts of programming languages and fundamentals is not a requirement.

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PHP Advanced Training

Our PHP Advanced covers the features of the  PHP programming language that add the latest programming concepts to your PHP app such as continous delivery, containerisation,  middleware and more. If you want to know how to implent the latest architectural patterns in PHP this course is for you.

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Laravel Training

Learn Laravel one of the most popular and productive PHP application frameworks to super charge your software development lifecycle. Get training from experts. Master the concepts and build apps that solve business problems.

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