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PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages for software development and powers over 75% of the sites on the internet. It powers WordPress, Facebook and a host of major open-source projects. PHP has consistently been in the top 10 languages on Git Hub.

PHP's popularity is due to its ease of use, its large array of libraries and APIs and the ease with which PHP-based solutions can be found to solve software challenges.  Over the years PHP has matured significantly with an array of supporting build tools and frameworks that facilitate the creation of robust, modern applications leveraging the latest software development techniques and methodologies.

Whether you are looking to scratch your own itch and learn how to programme or looking for a career as a professional software developer, PHP is an essential language to have in your software engineering toolbox.

PHP Certification

We offer a Bootcamp course for the Zend PHP certification. This course is aimed at those familiar with coding and PHP and who wish to attend a fast-paced course to cover the topics that are relevant to the certification.

PHP from Fundamentals to Advanced

For those looking for a more in-depth treatment of PHP topics from fundamentals to advanced, we have a series of training courses, covering, not only the  PHP language but also the tools that one needs to know to be able to leverage PHP in a modern development context.

PHP Framework training

We also offer specialist courses in PHP frameworks for Laravel and Zend/Laminas. Laravel, being a scalable, easy-to-use but extremely powerful and elegant web application framework is popular in corporates and start-ups. 

We also offer courses in Drupal development for those PHP programmers working with Drupal. Additionally, we run on-demand specialist training courses for PHP such as Symfony framework or CodeIgniter if this is required by our customers, so please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

PHP Training Courses
Training Duration Price
PHP Bootcamp 5 R18,500
PHP Bootcamp + Exam Voucher 5 R20,500
PHP Fundamentals 3 R10,500
PHP Intermediate 3 R14,500
PHP Advanced 2 R14,500
Laravel Framework 3 R18,500

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